The Henley Passport Index helps you choose your second passport

January 17, 2018

Henley Passport Index - Choose a destination

The 2018 Henley Passport Index ranks countries according to how many countries passport-holders can access without a visa. If you are considering getting a second citizenship by investment, it can help you choose which one to go forward with. Most of the leaders have investment immigration programs, the best of which are all available at New Residency. Start browsing, and compare your options!

The 10 strongest passports in the world

  1. 177 countries: Germany
  2. 176 countries: Singapore
  3. 175 countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
  4. 174 countries: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland
  5. 173 countries: Ireland, Portugal, South-Korea, United States
  6. 172 countries: Canada
  7. 171 countries: Australia, Greece, New-Zealand
  8. 170 countries: Czech Republic, Iceland
  9. 169 countries: Malta
  10. 168 countries: Hungary

The best programs for the best passports

The Henley Passport Index shows you which passports are the strongest. However, not all of these countries have investment immigration programs. At the same time, some immigration programs are more cost-effective than others if you consider the investment amount, the number of accessible countries, and the simplicity of the procedure. Find below the best offers of our expert team.


Portugal is an EU member state with excellent schools, great healthcare, and favorable corporate environment. It offers residency to investors willing to invest EUR 250-500,000 in Portugal.


Malta is also a member of the EU and the Schengen agreement, a country of small islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It offers both residency and citizenship for investors. The lovely climate and the cosmopolitan environment make it an ideal destination for families who want to relocate to Europe.


You can get a Hungarian resident permit (thus a Schengen visa) with a simple investment in real estate, opening a company for property management. Low living costs and good infrastructure all make Hungary a great choice if you are planning to relocate to Europe.

Still not sure where to go?

Contact our expert team and ask for a consultation to decide which destination matches best your personal and business goals. Whether you look for visa-free travel, a favorable business environment, or excellent conditions for raising your children, there is a place for you. Let us help you find it!

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