Second Passport / Citizenship

While most of our residency programs can eventually lead to citizenship and a passport, some programs make this possible immediately or after a very short procedure. Acquiring citizenship has several advantages over residency – these include the same travel rights as native citizens of the country, as well as the right to vote and, in many cases, additional rights like free education or health care.

Permanent Residency

Permanent residency grants you many of the same rights as citizenship, including the right to travel to or stay in the country without limitations, along with your family members, and the right to do business or buy property – but without the substantial financial and other obligations that come with citizenship. Have a look at our residency offers to see if any of them are a good match for your requirements.

Is New Residency right for you?

There are many good reasons for choosing to get a second passport or residency. You may be looking to live in a different country to expand your business, provide a better standard of living for your family, or simply for adventure. Maybe you are happy living in your home country but would like to have the freedom and flexibility to travel to certain destinations without the hassle of getting a visa. Or you may just want a second home as a security option, in case the future brings unforeseen changes or challenges. Every one of our clients has his or her unique motivations and circumstances. Given our comprehensive and up-to-date offering, we are sure to find the best match for each of them.

Investment is definitely the fastest, easiest and most lucrative way of acquiring a new residency. Options range from real estate or business investment to government bonds and bank deposits – depending on your budget, personal requirements, and affinity to risk, you can easily find a program that not only gets you the residency or passport you want but also fits in perfectly with your overall financial goals.

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