Georgia investment amount lowered to 300K

August 22, 2017

Georgia investment

The Georgian investment citizenship program has been introduced this summer. While the promotional period is still on, the standard investment has also been lowered to just EUR 300,000.

Your most affordable option for a Schengen visa

The Georgian program is a donation type citizenship program, where  investors donate a certain amount to the Georgian state, and in exchange, as benefactors to the Georgian economy, they receive Georgian citizenship for themselves and their family (spouse and dependent children under the age of 26).

The original donation amount was EUR 350,000, with a promotional period during the summer of 2017. Now the standard donation has been lowered to just EUR 300,000. So if you happen to miss the promotional period, you can still save on the investment.

Promotional offer even more attractive

If you act fast, you might still be able to catch the end of the promotional period that closes on 31 August. In this offer, the donation amount is as low as EUR 200,000, which still grants Georgian citizenship to the whole family.

What are you waiting for?

The application procedure takes only a month. You and your family can gain Georgian citizenship through a single donation, and can start taking advantage of your Georgian passport in no time. You will be able to travel freely within the Schengen zone, which is an invaluable asset to an international businessman – and might come in handy even at family vacations.

Contact us today, and apply for Georgian citizenship tomorrow!

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