Nomad Residence Permit available in Malta

June 4, 2021

Malta digital nomad residence permit

In today’s globalized world, many jobs are not tied to specific sites where the work must be carried out. The pandemic has accelerated the trend of remote working, for which infrastructure is getting more easily accessible all over the planet. In line with this, Malta is now offering a Nomad Residence Permit for people who work remotely and wish to do so from Malta.

Nomad Residence Permit is great for both the country and the new resident

The Nomad Residence Permit (NRP) of Malta intends to attract “digital nomads” who are not EEA nationals (since EEA nationals can already move to Malta whenever they want to). In theory, these people could perform their work from anywhere, but they are prevented from doing so by the usually strict residency regulations. However, that is far from necessary, since these people can contribute to the economy of the country they live in through their day to day purchases, even though their revenues come from elsewhere.

Who is the NRP relevant for?

The main target groups of the NRP in Malta are people who have a stable income by performing their work remotely (online).

  • Employees of companies operating outside of Malta (with a labor contract)
  • Entrepreneurs running their own foreign-registered business (alone, as a partner, or shareholder)
  • Freelancers who serve clients in foreign countries (supported by contracts)

Who can apply for the NRP in Malta?

You can apply for the Nomad Residence Permit in Malta if you can prove that you work remotely and you fit one of the categories above, and that you have a gross income of at least EUR 2,700 / month.

The application fee is EUR 300, and you will receive a residence permit valid for one year. The permit can be renewed each year as long as you fulfil the conditions.

  • Prove that you can work remotely and that you fit one of the above categories (supported by relevant documents, contracts)
  • Have a valid travel document
  • Have a comprehensive health insurance covering risks in Malta
  • Have a valid property purchase or rental agreement
  • Pass a background check

Choose Malta as your new home

Malta is an attractive destination for people looking for a new or a second home thanks to its pleasant climate and high living standards. Now, with the new Nomad Residence Permit program, the benefits of living in Malta has become more accessible to a wider audience.

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