Moldovan Citizenship by Investment now available

August 27, 2018

Get Moldovan citizenship by investment

Moldova now joins the ranks of countries offering investment citizenship programs to international investors. Now with only a contribution of EUR 146,300 you can get Moldovan citizenship, and enjoy the benefits of local infrastructure and visa-free travel in Europe.

Get investment citizenship in Moldova

You can become a full citizen of Moldova within just 3 months after the full application package is submitted to the Moldovan authorities. The two main elements of the requirements are a non-refundable contribution to the Public Investment Fund of Moldova, and a strict due diligence. In your application, you can include your spouse, dependent children under 29 years, and dependent parents above 55 years. The due diligence is compulsory for everyone older than 16 years included in the application, and the inclusion of each family member also raises the amount of the required contribution and the other fees.

Enjoy the benefits of Moldovan citizenship

The Moldovan passport grants you visa-free access to the member states of the Schengen zone in Europe, Russia, Turkey, and a number of other countries around the world, making 121 countries in total. Moldova is also a member of various international organizations, and intends to soon become a candidate for membership of the European Union.

Apart from that, Moldova offers a continental climate, stable environment, a growing economy, and an impressive digital infrastructure (including mobile services and internet speed). The local language is Romanian (termed Moldovan), but locals usually speak English as well.

Contribution and processing fees for the Moldovan Investment Citizenship program

A non-refundable contribution to the Public Investment Fund (PIF):

  • For a single applicant: EUR 100,000
  • For a couple: EUR 115,000
  • For a family of 4: EUR 145,000
  • For a family of 5+: EUR 155,000

Agent fee to be paid to the government licensed agent: EUR 35,000 / application

Government processing fee:

  • For the main applicant: EUR 5,000
  • For spouse: EUR 2,500
  • For children under 15: EUR 1,000 / person
  • For children aged 16-29 years: EUR 2,000 / person
  • For dependent parents above 55: EUR 5,000 / person

Due diligence fee:

  • For the main applicant: EUR 6,000
  • For spouse, dependent children older than 16 years, and dependent parents: EUR 5,000 / person

Biometric passport fees:

  • EUR 300 / person

All in all, the minimum cost of participating in the Moldovan Investment Citizenship program is EUR 146,300, while bringing over the whole family still costs less thank EUR 250,000. This amount is lower than the minimum contribution for many other programs, not counting the addition of family members, while in this case all of your family members get full citizenship in a European country.

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